Together supporting microfinance
and microinsurance in the South

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BRS: In a nutshell

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BRS supports microfinance and microinsurance projects to help sustainably improve the quality of life of the poorer population in the South.

Not merely with cash, but more specifically with advice and in a dialogue with the stakeholders.

Our dream in ten phrases

“Together supporting microfinance and microinsurance in the South”.

  • Three billion people worldwide are “unbankable” or “uninsurable” at ordinary banks and are unable to save money.
  • Because they are poor.
  • Microfinance organisations in the South provide a solution to this dilemma: they develop financial services that are tailored to these people’s needs.
  • Microfinance organisations are not miniature banks.
  • They are financial institutions with a tailored approach.
  • We are convinced that saving and granting loans are not goals in and of themselves.
  • They are tools which enable people to break free from poverty and to increase their prosperity and welfare.
  • That is why we support these local initiatives.
  • More specifically, we cooperate with these microfinance organisations which offer loans, insurance and savings products based on cooperative principles.
  • Because we believe in the amazing power of cooperation, solidarity and respect for the individual.





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