Together supporting microfinance
and microinsurance in the South

Our organisation

Many shoulders

Small but strong and passionate: that’s our team.

Numerous and motivated: that’s our volunteers who dedicate themselves to turning the BRS vision into reality. Here in Belgium and in the South.

And then we have our members: several thousand of them now.

Together we form BRS.

A strong whole



A small but powerful team coordinates our activities.
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BRS Members

A friendly group of people with different interests and backgrounds. With one single point of interest that binds them: BRS.
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For those who would like to do more: extra-motivated members can commit themselves via Cera4BRS.
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KBC steunt BRS

KBC employees who hold BRS close to their heart speak out!!
More about KBC steunt BRS


Experienced bankers who, after the end of their active career, provide assistance to our partners in the South.
More about the BRS-Instituut

Board of Directors

The driving force behind the whole enterprise. They are responsible for managing and keeping BRS on course.
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