Together supporting microfinance
and microinsurance in the South


Region: Latin America
Country: Latin America
Partner: ADA
Type: Microfinance
Microfinance organisations get a better insight into their financial situation thanks to the combined support of training and technical assistance.

BRS, in close collaboration with its partners ADA, Incofin and KBC ICT Department, has developed different monitoring and financial performance analysis tools. These tools are intended for microfinance institutions, microinsurance organisations, and for other organisations active in the sector such as funders, donors or MFI networks. In total, over 500 institutions and organisations use one of the various tools.

The highly interactive workshops target MFI managers of organisations with different profiles (legal form, age, size, area of operations,…) within a single region or country, who are keen to get more familiar with the calculation and interpretation of the financial ratios of their organisation.

They have the opportunity to get an on-site analysis of key performance indicators and return to their institution with practical and ready to use tools.

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