Why is Cera organising this tombola?

When Cera founded the Belgian Raiffeisen Foundation (BRS) in 1992, it expanded its operations to the South. BRS gives Cera colour and helps enterprising people in the South to make their dreams come true. 

BRS does this through cooperation and knowledge exchange with microfinancing institutions in Africa, Latin America and Asia. BRS also offers financial incentives to several of these organisations. This way they can help even more people. 

Microfinancing institutions offer entrepreneurs in the South the opportunity to develop their business through credits. Many of these institutions also offer microinsurance and provide practical and financial advice to their customers. 

This facilitates thriving businesses, which also benefit others. Because these farmers and rural entrepreneurs send their children to school, hire staff and care for their families and communities. 

The credits are made through cooperations, with the members jointly taking care of the capital. A very powerful, efficient way of helping each other, which is fully in line with Cera's vision.