Knowledge travels the world too

When we talk to microfinancing organisations in the South, something special happens. By asking the right questions and sharing experiences, we arrive at surprising insights and tailor-made advice. 

The BRS volunteers who guide the coaching and training are specialists with extensive experience in the banking and insurance sector who are happy to share their knowledge and know-how. Employees of KBC and Cera, who enter into sustainable partnerships with their colleagues in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Sometimes remotely, sometimes on the spot. 

It is an enriching experience for them to enter into dialogue with their colleagues in the South. Together, they look at how the financing institutions can best help their customers with services and products that are fully tailored to the local situation.  

A great many retired KBC employees also find their way to the voluntary work of BRS. They exchange knowledge not only with bankers in the South, but also with young colleagues here.