Can I make a donation?

Yes, you can! Your contribution makes a difference. You help BRS vzw fulfil its mission: to give entrepreneurs in the South the opportunity to take control of their own lives.

Your donation goes entirely to our activities in the South. After all, the daily operating costs of BRS vzw are paid by Cera. The administrative costs of BRS vzw are therefore very limited.

Donations to BRS vzw are tax deductible. For donations of at least EUR 40, you will receive a tax certificate. With the certificate, you can recover 45% of your donation through your taxes.


Donations by bank transfer

You can transfer your donation safely and quickly to the account number below.

  • BRS vzw account number: 730-0070007-66 (KBC Belgium)
  • IBAN number: BE 07 7300 0700 0766
  • BIC (swift): KREDBEBB

Regular donation

You can also choose to donate a fixed amount each month via a standing order. You can do this yourself through your bank.

Include BRS in your will

BRS can also be supported through your estate or a donation. Bequeathing and donating to good causes has been tax free in the Flemish Region since 1 July 2021. When you bequeath or donate an amount to BRS vzw, we do not pay any inheritance or gift tax and we are very grateful to you for that.

Tax-free donation or bequeathing to BRS

The inheritance and gift tax for good causes has been reduced to 0% in the Flemish Region. It is therefore possible to bequeath or donate tax-free to a charity such as BRS vzw.

The Flemish Government approved this new scheme in a decree of 19 March 2021.* In concrete terms, it means that if you donate or bequeath an amount to BRS vzw, we do not have to pay any tax on it.

This new scheme will be introduced as compensation for the abolition of the tax benefit that was linked to the dual legacy in wills.

* The new decree of the Flemish Government applies if you live in the Flemish Region. For Brussels and Wallonia, the inheritance rates remain for a dual-legacy estate or for a donation to a charity.



Please do not hesitate to contact us. For more information about donating or bequeathing to BRS at an advantageous rate, please contact Kurt Moors, general coordinator of BRS

Raising funds ethically

BRS vzw subscribes to the code of ethics of the Vereniging voor Ethiek in de Fondsenwerving/Association pour une Éthique dans les Récoltes de Fonds (VEF-AERF). ( In doing this, we are committed to raising funds in an ethical manner. We inform our donors, employees and volunteers at least once a year about the use of the acquired funds. We do this, among other things, through our annual reports.