How does the money get to its destination?

How does the money get to its destination? 

BRS Microfinance Coop works together with microfinancing institutions in Africa, Latin America and Asia. They - as no other - are familiar with the local situation and they know how to connect with the population. 

These institutions are carefully selected by objective specialists who regularly visit locally. For this, we work together with Alterfin. It is the latter’s opinion that enables the Investment Committee to take a sound decision. 

The investment committee consists of professionals from KBC, Cera and BRS. Together, they have a strong knowledge of the financial world, the operation of cooperatives and the social challenges facing the South. 


We opt for organisations that are financially strong, but the social impact is also essential in our decision-making process. In short, we want to create as much impact as possible with the available resources - and to do so in a well thought-out, safe way. 

Of course, we also closely monitor the functioning and social and financial performance of our partners. Monthly reports help keep close track of things, but there is also follow-up in the field. 

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