The money from BRS Microfinance Coop on a world trip

Cera, KBC and BRS vzw provided the start-up capital for BRS Microfinance (C shares). Until 2019, individual members could also subscribe to A shares.
Explore the route that the money takes from BRS Microfinance Coop to an entrepreneur in the South and discover the travel stories...

Step 1: We select reliable microfinancing institutions in the South

It is not a simple task: deciding on the institutions to which we lend. So the members of the investment committee, such as Isabelle Cardinael and Jan Bergmans, do not rush into things. They went to El Salvador and Honduras to discover the reality behind the dossiers.

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Step 2: Our partners select local projects

The financing institutions with which we work know the local situation inside out and see where the needs and opportunities are. Rene Banegas is one such person. He is the CEO of Pilarh, a Honduran microfinancing institution with which BRS works.

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Step 3: Entrepreneurs in the South seize their opportunity

Via our partners, the money reaches its destination: the entrepreneurs and farmers in the South who long for financial breathing space. Maria Cecilia from Honduras is such a person. With the support of the BRS partner organisation Pilarh, she was able to develop her pottery business. Pilarh also assisted her with advice about accounting and sales.

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Step 4: The money travels further

After the entrepreneurs have repaid their loan, our partner organisations in the South reinvest this amount in the dreams of other people. Thanks to the microcredit, many of them can send their children to school so that they too have more opportunities in life. Sometimes, the entrepreneurs even take on staff and thus several families reap the benefits of one microcredit.