Who are BRS?

A lot of shoulders, a strong whole.

Small but driven: that is our team.  Many and motivated: that’s our volunteers who dedicate themselves to turning the BRS vision into reality. Here in Belgium and in the South. And then there are our supporters: a sympathetic collection of thousands of people with at least one common interest that ties them together: BRS.

Together we form BRS.


The BRS team

The BRS team is an enthusiastic and energetic group.  The team is responsible for the daily functioning of the organisation and the coordination of all BRS activities.    
They can also count on the entire Cera team (colleagues in logistics, administration, communication, accounting, member benefits and the legal department).

The team works from the offices of Cera at Muntstraat 1 in Leuven, Belgium. 


Our volunteers

Volunteers form the engine of BRS. They are committed to fulfilling our mission, both in the North and in the South. 

These include Cera and KBC/CBC employees who make their knowledge of cooperative organisations, banking and insurance available to our partner organisations in the South through training and coaching, both remotely and on the spot. 

After their active career, experienced bankers, insurers and board members of KBC and CBC will also advise and assist our partners in the South. (the BRS Institute)
We can also always call on enthusiastic, helping hands when organising activities in Belgium.  

And then there are countless volunteers who set up campaigns to raise money for BRS vzw.


Boards of Directors

BRS has two boards of directors: one for BRS vzw and one for BRS Microfinance Coop

What do the Boards of Directors do? 

  • They monitor the execution of the strategic plan and the day-to-day operations of our organisation.
  • They monitor the financial aspects of our operation.  
  • They advise the team and volunteers.  

How are the Boards of Directors structured?

The Boards are made up of representatives of:

  • Cera 
  • the KBC/CBC group 
  • BRS members 
  • the BRS Institute 
  • independent specialists in development cooperation 

Our network

BRS is not the only organisation that believes in the power of microfinance and cooperatives. We work together with organisations, companies and networks that respectfully contribute to better conditions for enterprising people in the South.