BRS works together with GSAC

Region: Asia
Country: Philippines
Partner: Trias
Type: Microfinance
Duration: Since 2023
Budget: EUR 60,000 (2023-2025)


The GSAC multipurpose cooperative offers its members in the Bicol region many services. More than 50,000 members benefit from affordable financial products, making GSAC the region’s largest savings and credit cooperative. As in the rest of the world, a true digital revolution is underway in the Philippines. GSAC is not lagging behind, and is currently fully committed to digitalisation. For example, the cooperative recently opened a number of digital hubs in the region and is developing a new app.

What does BRS do?

The start of our collaboration was given in December 2023 where BRS, together with GSAC and K-Coop, organised a successful workshop on marketing, product development and process improvement. During our partnership with GSAC, many other topics will be addressed, such as digitalisation, governance and risk management. These activities will help support GSAC in its growth plan to reach 100,000 members by 2025.