Intensive training in Belgium for Hofokam’s management

“Cold, but very inspiring”

5 February 2018. The management teams of the microfinancing institutions (MFIs) in Uganda (Hofokam) and Ethiopia (Wasasa) landed in Zaventem. The two teams travelled to Belgium at the invitation of BRS for an intensive management training course. The directors of the two MFIs, Charles Isingoma and Amsalu Alemayehu, agreed: “The exchange of experiences between our teams and with colleagues from BRS is very inspiring. But -5°C is really cold!”


BRS experts are regularly sent on trips to share their experiences with the microfinancing institutions (MFIs) supported by BRS. It is an opportunity for them to obtain an insight into the local situation, by observing the day-to-day operations of the MFIs for a few days, but also by meeting the farming groups who are customers of the MFIs.
In addition, BRS also regularly organises training sessions in Belgium for its foreign partners, in association with Cera, KBC and CBC. For example, from 6 to 16 February 2018, BRS hosted two management teams from the partner MFIs in Uganda (Hofokam) and Ethiopia (Wasasa), involving a total of fifteen people.

Looking for solutions together

Firstly, the invitation provided the opportunity to inspire the invited management teams with the contributions of top managers from KBC and CBC: what are the different types of leadership, how can you motivate your team and stimulate its involvement in the continuous improvement of the organisation? These are all universal themes that are often addressed by BRS’ partner MFIs.

In addition to mobilising senior managers, BRS can also count on the contribution of experts in areas crucial to the proper functioning of a financial institution, such as risk management, financial planning and developing banking products.

However, this seminar was also a unique opportunity for the members of each delegation to step away briefly from their daily activities, meet each other in a different context and discuss their respective problems and how to tackle them together.

Finally and above all, this management training course was an opportunity to promote the exchange of experience between the MFIs, as a result of which the debates could be enriched further.

And we haven’t even mentioned the warm welcome at a milk producer’s farm, the visit to the production site of Belgium’s largest dairy cooperative, exploring the cultural heritage of Leuven, Bruges and Brussels, and as a special bonus, the feeling of snowflakes landing on your face... In short, all the ingredients for an unforgettable week.

The feedback from the participants after this intensive week was extremely positive. This was evident from the smiling faces and active participation that everyone demonstrated despite feeling tired.