Cera and BRS sign the Charter of Beyond Chocolate!

02 November 2021

In October, Cera and BRS got out their most stylish pens to sign the Charter of Beyond Chocolate with great conviction and pride.

Beyond Chocolate has in the meantime brought together over 60 partner organisations with the following goals to be achieved by 2030: to guarantee a viable income for all cacao farmers supplying the Belgian market and to combat further deforestation.

Cera and BRS also signed this charter during the general meeting of Beyond Chocolate. Specifically, it means that we only purchase and offer chocolate from producers that support this fair and sustainable trade. Because: impact is what we go for! And to make this impact immediately visible, Cera is highlighting this delicious and fair chocolate. Together with both Neuhaus and Oxfam, Cera has developed a tasty, fair and sustainable offer in the form of CeraSelect.


And we look beyond chocolate. During the Cera-Zuidreis in Antwerp, you as a member can discover who the beating heart behind our Belgian chocolate is. Because that’s where we introduce you to Edmundo and his family. They can rely on their local savings and credit cooperative every year to invest in their plantation. On the basis of a Cera video in the Chocolate Nation museum, you will learn how Cera and BRS are committed to the fate of the cacao farmer. Because together we are stronger - and fair chocolate just tastes so much better!

Are you tempted by irresistible news like this? Then let yourself be seduced by our tasty offerings in the CeraSelect and the Cera-Zuidreis!

Belgian chocolate industry takes first steps towards sustainability - Culinary - Knack Weekend.