BRS works together with Caisse Populaire de Kaya

Region: Africa
Country: Burkina Faso
Partner: Trias ngo
Type: Microfinance
Duration: Since 2017
Budget: EUR 20,000 (2019-2021)


Caisse Populaire de Kaya is a savings and credit cooperative northeast of the capital Ouagadougou (100 km). The members of this cooperative are mainly traders and farmers. The cultivation of rice and onions is an important source of income in the region. 

The Caisse Populaire de Kaya is part of RCPB (Réseau des Caisses Populaires du Burkina), an extensive microfinancing network founded in 1972. RCPB is the oldest cooperative credit network of Burkina Faso and also one of the oldest of the entire African continent. Caisse Populaire de Kaya and RCPB offer technical and market-oriented training to the farmers to whom they provide credit. 

What does BRS do? 

The cooperation with BRS was started in order to increase the volume and success of the agricultural credits of the Caisse Populaire de Kaya. The exchange with the colleagues from CBC Banque led to new ideas and an adapted credit model that better matches the request from farmers. The increased cooperation with farmers' organisations was an important key to success. This cooperation model will also be repeated with other members of RCPB.