Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso (which more or less means “land of the upright people”) is a West African republic that is one of the Sahel countries. The climate is generally hot and dry there. Temperatures can reach 45 degrees in summer. 
The country has a rich culture.  Especially in the field of music, dance, theatre and film. Burkina Faso is also known worldwide for its architecture: colourful buildings with paintings, unusual shapes, mosaic and wooden poles.

French is the official language in Burkina Faso. But the most widely spoken language is Moore, which is spoken by about 40% of the population. There are also 70 local languages.

Eighty percent of the population are farmers and there is a strong focus on the consumption of home-grown products. Popular exports include gold, raw cotton and nuts. Rice and onions are important agricultural crops.

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Burkinese managers in Belgium

Training courses for the management teams of microfinancing institutions also fall under BRS’s services. In this way, the managers of RCPB from Burkina Faso were introduced to the operation of Belgian banks. The content of the workshops ranged from management culture to ICT and from product development to human resources. 

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