BRS works together with CGAT

Region: Africa
Country: DR Congo
Partner: Christelijke mutualiteit, Wereldsolidariteit, Solidarité Santé Sud
Type: Microinsurance
Duration: since 2010
Budget: 165,000 (2019-2021)


CGAT is a non-profit organisation and the abbreviation Centre de Gestion de Risques et d’Accompagnement Technique des Mutuelles de Santé. The mission of this organisation is to promote and provide technical support to health insurance funds in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. CGAT offers assistance for the creation and promotion of health insurance funds, product development and health care pricing. Access to health care is one of the biggest challenges for people with low incomes, and this is something that CGAT is trying to overcome. 

What does BRS do?

BRS provides financial support and coaching to CGAT on such matters as administrative organisation, financial follow-up and insurance-technical aspects including pricing, underwriting, damage and risk management and reorganisation measures. BRS developed a reporting mechanism that CGAT uses to follow up on the financial and social results of the health insurance funds that benefit from support. KBC volunteers developed a member administration and risk management database.