BRS works together with CAAP

Region: Latin America
Country: Ecuador
Partner: /
Type: Microfinancing
Duration: Since 2019
Budget: EUR 60,000 (2023-2025)

Website: /

The Cooperativa de ahorro y crédito de acción popular (CAAP) is a cooperative umbrella organisation that unites 15 cooperatives and approximately 120,000 members. The CAAP was founded in 2011 and is supervised by the Superintendencia de Economía Popular y Solidaria in Ecuador.  

Its main objective is to strengthen the member cooperatives, among others with cooperative & financial education, training, workshops, tools and financing.

In recent years, BRS has mainly provided ad hoc support by organising a number of webinars for all its members (including an internal control and audit webinar, six webinars on human resources in cooperation with ADG, a webinar on young entrepreneurs, etc.). BRS will continue its cooperation with the CAAP in the coming years.

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