BRS works together with Unión El Ejido

Region: Latin America
Country: Ecuador
Partner: SOS Faim
Type: Microfinance
Duration: since 2017
Budget: /


This savings and credit cooperative was established over 40 years ago in Cotacachi, in the northern part of the Andean region. Here, 80% of the population lives in the countryside. Unión El Ejido offers loans to local entrepreneurs. They also have savings products and give training to entrepreneurs and farmers.  
Meanwhile, the cooperative has experienced strong growth and opened new offices in remote areas where there are no financial institutions.

What does BRS do?

BRS, together with NGO partner SOS Faim, works on training and coaching. Unión El Ejido employees can contact us for support in audits, internal control, marketing and communication. BRS organised several workshops for this purpose. 
At the start of the corona pandemic in 2020, BRS provided a financial boost with which this cooperative could meet the acute needs of its members.