BRS works together with Wasasa

Region: Africa
Country: Ethiopia
Partner: SOS Faim
Type: Microfinance
Duration: since 2017
Budget: EUR 63,750 (2019-2021)


Wasasa specialises in group loans and gives people the opportunity to save safely. With nearly 150,000 customers, the organisation has a significant, positive impact in the Oromia region. Wasasa is an initiative of OSRA (Oromo Self Reliance Association), which was founded in 1995 and operates under the motto “Help people to help themselves”. OSRA focuses on integrated national development programmes. Wasasa’s head office is based in Addis Ababa and the organisation has more than 50 service points spread throughout the Oromia region.

What does BRS do?

Wasasa works closely with BRS and SOS Faim in the field of agricultural credits and insurance, in both advisory and financial terms. Wasasa can also count on the advice of BRS to support its savings activities.