Honduran entrepreneurs tell their stories

Rosa is a cigar roller, Jose a coffee producer, Wuilmer a blacksmith and Jose a sugar cane farmer. What do they have in common? They work hard to shape their own future. And they are customers of Pilarh, from which, thanks to the support of BRS, they obtained one or more microcredits to increase and improve their production.

Rosa Lilia Madrid Melgar, cigar roller

Rosa Lilia Madrid Melgar, cigar roller

“When my business grows, I want the community to grow with me. One of the ways I achieve this is by providing jobs.”

Rosa lives in the municipality of Dulce Nombre and has been a cigar roller for 27 years now. It’s a traditional activity in the region. With seven consecutive microcredits amounting to 2,113 dollars, she has been able to buy raw materials and steadily grow her business. In the meantime the number of people she employs has increased to four. Because her income is now more stable, she can send her children to school. As a result, their future looks bright.


Jose Angel Antonio Vasquez, coffee producer

“I dream of being a recognised and qualified producer in my region. With the support of Pilarh, that dream is coming ever closer.”

Jose was born and raised in a farming family in the Honduran municipality of Dolores. He has been producing organic coffee for over 15 years. On the 20 hectares of land he cultivates, you will also find corn and beans. He has three children with his wife Maritza Lemus.

In recent years, he already repaid four microcredits to Pilarh, amounting to 2,958 dollars. Among other things, he invested this amount in additional land, which increased his production. The enhanced support for his farm greatly improved his crops and increased his guarantee of a good harvest.


Wuilmer Ovidio Henriquez Morales, blacksmith

“My business has grown and I can make more and better products. This also allowed me to hire people and improve the living conditions of my relatives.”

Wuilmer lives in El Porvenir and has worked as a blacksmith for over 15 years. He sells iron objects and horseshoes. His customers mainly consist of local farmers and shops selling farm animals. He is married to Dora Argentina Garcia. They have 3 sons.

This Honduran blacksmith obtained his first loan from Pilarh in 2016. It was for 296 dollars, with which he bought iron and other raw materials.


Jose Fernando Sanchez Marquez, sugar cane farmer

“With a microcredit, I was able to replace my animals with a diesel engine. It saved me time, money and space.”

Jose is from the municipality of Plan Grande and has two children with his wife Elsa Marina Sanchez. He has been a farmer for over 22 years and grows sugar cane using a traditional, 100% natural process. He also grows coffee, corn and beans.

Jose has already obtained a microcredit from Pilarh three times for a total amount of 1,268 dollars. This has allowed him to grow his business and employ two workers. The loans completely transformed his life.