Honduras is the country of the vanished high culture of the Mayas. You can still see that: there are many ancient temples and ruins, and many people live according to ancient Mayan customs. In the north, the country has a long coastline with Caribbean beaches. The interior is mostly mountainous. There are several national parks where sections of rainforest, banana plantations and waterfalls can be found.

It is one of the poorest countries in Latin America and, according to a UN report, also the most violent country in the world. Gang violence is a daily problem. The gap between rich and poor is very wide. Many Hondurans grow coffee, tobacco or bananas for export.

Young people have a particularly hard time. Our partner PILARH ODPF runs a youth programme in order to offer them a way out of poverty and an alternative to gang life. Discrimination hinders the economic development of women.

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The making of

Take a look behind the scenes at the creation of the Leuven mosaic by the Honduran artist José Osorio. José is one of the young entrepreneurs who was able to develop his business through a loan from BRS partner PILARH ODPF.

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