Deep roots, wide branches

How a work of art depicts the vision of BRS

Anyone taking a walk through the historic heart of Leuven going from Jozef Vounckplein to Muntstraat will encounter a beautiful mosaic that adorns an entire wall. This is the work of José Osorio. This Honduran artist started his business in 2007 after receiving microfinancing from Pilarh’s fund for young Honduran entrepreneurs. BRS has been working intensively with this microfinancing institution for a considerable time now, regarding both advice and finance.

With a microcredit of just 480 euros, José developed his mosaic workshop into a thriving business with 14 employees. In 2017, he and his partner Katty flew to Belgium to create his artwork in Leuven. They were assisted in the project by more than a hundred volunteers. The artwork celebrated the 125th birthday of Cera and the 25th birthday of BRS.


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The making of

It is very symbolic that so many people literally contributed to this work of art, on which we see a tree. This tree has deep roots and wide branches, as Cera’s slogan says. The village of Rillaar in the province of Flemish Brabant is also to be seen in the artwork, the village where the first Belgian cooperative was founded in 1892, from which Cera and later BRS grew.