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“Microfinancing connects. Just like music.”

When he speaks, he chooses his words carefully. When he sings, he does so with abandon and conviction. Jean Bosco Safari is a musician who speaks from the heart. And he did so when he wrote the song “It’s not about big money” and donated it to BRS.

My first time

Jean Bosco: “An evening with the theme ‘Microfinancing is a women’s issue’ and my meeting there with Béatrice Muhawenimana, a Rwandan woman who, thanks to microcredits, has come very far. That was my first introduction to BRS.”

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“I was invited to this BRS evening to sing some songs. What I saw and heard there was so special to me that at the end of that evening I said: I want to write a song for you! Something I never say. But I was so moved by the change that microfinancing is bringing about that I wanted to support BRS in this objective.”


Jean Bosco: “When you have a certain know-how but live in an area where you have few opportunities, microfinancing gives you the opportunity to do something. To improve your life. That’s fantastic, isn’t it? And it happens step by step. Because training is offered together with the microcredits. And organisations that provide microfinancing are also supported. BRS and KBC employees share their experience with them.”

“In addition, microfinancing mainly focuses on women. I think that’s very important. Men’s egos often get in the way and they tend to get involved in conflict more quickly. Women are more constructive, think long-term and persevere longer. And they work with small groups, with coaching and focus on the person. Human attention is like cement, it connects. That’s also why I’m such a big fan.”

“On stage you create involvement, a bigger whole. Then you experience what music is ultimately made for: to communicate and connect.”


Jean Bosco:”BRS provided me with input for my song: stories, video clips, a number of sentences that embody their work. The metaphor of Muhammad Yunus, for example, who says that poor people are bonsai people: people with the same qualities as others, but they live in conditions that limit them. ‘Together’ was of course the key word. And that it’s not about big money. ‘It’s not about big money.’ I literally adopted that sentence. What I wrote was fine-tuned by BRS. Until we were all satisfied. We made the song together, even in the recording studio, where a number of friends and colleagues of BRS employees sang the backing vocals. It was great fun!”

Music with a mission

Jean Bosco: “I very consciously choose to use my music for projects that I think deserve help. If I can contribute with my music, I am thrilled to do so! Music is something incredibly fascinating. It increases visibility. It makes things bigger. Music can do that. On stage you create involvement, a bigger whole. Then you experience what music is ultimately made for: to communicate and connect.”

“And that’s my mission: connecting people. What BRS does is totally in line with that. Because microfinancing is about so much more than money. It’s also about self-esteem. About bringing people together. About personal attention. Microfinancing connects. Just like music does.”