BRS works together with PILARH ODPF

Region: Latin America
Country: Honduras
Partner: Trias
Type: Microfinance
Duration: since 2002
Budget: /


PILARH ODPF is a microfinancing institution that provides advice and coaching to entrepreneurs and offers them tailor-made financial services - savings, credit and insurance. PHILARH ODPF has over 32,000 customers, including 14,000 borrowers.

PHILARH ODPF focuses specifically on, for example, young entrepreneurs and farmers, who are really suffering. Whereas many financial institutions are withdrawing from agriculture, PHILARH ODPF specifically continues to invest in farmers. And successfully.

What does BRS do?

The cooperation with PHILARH ODPF has strong roots. With the help of BRS, the organisation launched new savings products and a business fund for young Hondurans.

In 2018, the partners renewed their cooperation with a one million dollar loan from BRS to PILARH ODPF. This amount allowed 1,000 customers to receive a credit of 1,000 dollars. Half the loan was repaid in April 2020 and a decision was made at the end of 2020 to grant a new 500,000 dollar loan in Lempira for 3 years.


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The making of

Take a look behind the scenes at the creation of the Leuven mosaic by the Honduran artist José Osorio. José is one of the young entrepreneurs who was able to develop his business through a loan from BRS partner PILARH ODPF.