BRS works together with Ciderural

Region: Latin America
Country: Peru
Partner: SOS Faim
Type: Microfinance
Duration: since 2008
Budget: EUR 60,000 (2019-2021)


Peru has a highly developed microfinance sector, with a great many banks and savings and credit cooperatives. However, most of the loans granted go to people living in the cities. 

Ciderural is an umbrella cooperative of various savings and credit cooperatives that have long worked together informally. Ciderural’s member organisations focus on the poorest, often very remote areas and represent over 51,000 associates. 

As a support centre, Ciderural offers both financing and technical assistance (capacity building) to its members. In addition, it seeks external financing (and donations).

What does BRS do?

BRS is supporting Ciderural with advice on risk management, audit and internal control and computerisation. We also provide intensive guidance on cooperative management.