BRS steps up to assist its partners in Ecuador

18 January 2024

Unforeseen circumstances sometimes force creativity and quick action. This is what we did with the crisis management webinar we gave on 17 January for 82 employees of our four Ecuadorian partners.

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice: Ecuador has been struggling with increased unrest and gang violence for several weeks now.  Aside from the direct impact they are having on the welfare of the population, the blockades, extortion and drug violence are also causing many headaches for the partner organisations with which BRS works. 

From Ecuador, BRS received the question on how to deal with a crisis situation like this.  One of our KB expert volunteers, Erwin Van der Sande, launched an appeal among his KBC colleagues internally. 

What happened then is heart-warming: specialists from different departments joined forces and lent their expertise in order to put together a webinar in a very short time focusing on four important themes: 

  • Crisis management 
  • Crisis communication 
  • Ensuring operational continuity 
  • Management of credit risks 

We sincerely hope that the crisis in the country is resolved quickly. Our planned working trip in March has been postponed for now.